[BBS]: Invitation to the Web-Consortium

Like humans, websites have their own lives. They eat, they laugh, they cry, and they even go to school! Join Web-Consortium, a competitive internet academy, and you can make your own original character based off of existing web pages, browsers, and more! 

Hey guys, I’m finally done with the basic components on this tumblr for this RP group. I have a few things left to detail, but other than that you can start applying now! We’ll start roleplaying with one another once we get enough members (which we’ll announce when that happens) - so make sure to advertise this message as well! 

This roleplay group is based off of the internet and your original character - it’s super  customable. Have you ever seen website-tans? If not. Let me explain in an easier manner. We’re personifying websites like Hetalia personifies countries. Does that sound fun? Hope you join!